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As a new watchdog group, we are making every effort to keep the public informed of events in Washington.  You can aid in this effort.  If you find our commentaries of interest, please take a moment and subscribe to the Pirate’s Pen. You’ll be updated as we post new content, and we would welcome your subscription. 

By subscribing to our publication, you’ll be a significant part of our effort as our reading audience continues to increase. Its free of course, you merely need to subscribe to our RSS  feed, or sign up for our email update notification.  You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking here.

Email Subscription:

If you prefer, you can sign up for an email update, and you’ll be notified via email when we post new content to our commentaries. To sign up for email updates, please see the contact form/box immediately below the last paragraph of these instructions.

If you are logged in to a wordpress account, you will only see a blank white box – just enter the text “subscribe” in the blank white text field there, and hit submit.

If your not logged into a wordpress account, the white box will look a bit different: You will see the “name” and “email address” boxes that must be filled out in order to contact us. Simply fill in your name and your email address, type the word “subscribe” in the blank text field, and hit submit.

This is a contact form, that will go straight to our email portal, and from there we will add you to our subscription list. You’ll never be contacted for any reason other than to be notified of updates to our commentaries. You will simply be added to our subscribers mailing list, and notified of the newest commentary as it is posted.

Note: Use the first white box immediately below, not the comments box. If your already logged in to WordPress, the name and email field will not be visible, you need merely type “subscribe” in the blank box and hit submit. If your not logged in, fill in name and email, hit submit, and we’ll update you via email.  You must be 18 years of age or older to subscribe to the Pirate’s Pen News.  By submitting a request to subscribe to our publication you are certifying that you are above the age of 18.

Either way, RSS feed, or email notification, we appreciate your subscription, thank you!

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