It was announced yesterday that Arnie, in his very finite wisdom, delivered yet another blow to law-abiding gun owners in California. When he signed his name to AB962 he mandated that all ammunition purchases in California have to be face-to-face purchases and must be accompanied by a state-issued form of I.D. and require the thumbprint of the purchaser. The record of sale must be kept for a minimum of 5 years. No more buying ammunition from a catalog or over the internet, unless you have it delivered to a retailer and pick it up from them, after complying with this new law and surrendering your privacy and a small chunk of your rights. All this to “protect” the public. Yet, not ONE criminal will obey this new law. They will buy from out-of-state and smuggle them in. They will steal them from law-abiding citizens, who will then be harassed by law enforcement because the ammunition was purchased then stolen by a criminal. After all, criminals make their living breaking laws; what’s one more to them? Just another minor inconvenience, that’s all.

You can read the release here: and decide for yourself if this is a good idea.

The only bright point is that it doesn’t take effect until July, 2010, so there is still time to stock up (if you can find what you need) before you lose the ability to remain somewhat anonymous. Of course, that depends on what part of California you live in; some areas already require this. These places say this has already resulted in the solving of several crimes. Of course, places that ban guns claim it has reduced crime, too. All it has done is shift the crimes from being committed by a criminal with a gun to a criminal with some other weapon, and prevent citizens from defending their family and home. Not a good trade. Not good at all.

What say you, my good and faithful Pirates?


Remember this always; My Second Amendment protected firearm defends your First Amendment right to tell me I don’t need one. When my rights fall yours will surely follow.


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