Time to Kill the Beast

quilandink1Many Americans yearn for the liberty and rights guaranteed in our Constitution. Many of these people have no idea that the rights and freedoms which have eroded over many decades, are being snatched away despite warnings from the Founding Fathers that we should guard them jealously. Furthermore, the Founders instructed us to treat those who propose encroachment of our liberty and basic rights as enemies of the Republic. Instead, we have continued to elect and re-elect these enemies under the guises of national security, equality, and partisanship.

Today, it is no longer unfashionable to curse the American government. We have voided our claim to liberty and have adorned ourselves with the bonds of oppression. It is now the solemn duty of all “Sons of Liberty” to rejoin the war against tyranny, which we ceased so long ago.

Our apathy and our ignorance over the last one hundred years have led us to the tipping point of true socialism. Our avarice for more, combined with our sloth, has driven us to demand everything from our government and everything from our neighbor, as we, ourselves, offer less and less. Our forgotten disdain for governmental intrusion imperils our very lives. But, our history of struggles against jack-booted thuggery and elitist oppression are but seldom heard mythological tales, much like the slaying of dragons or Cyclopes. Very few modern day Americans would don the armor and unsheathe the blade to defend friend and family from one-eyed giants, much less a billion-dollar million-man leviathan.

To speak only of modern cowardice and sloth is to minimize the true proportions of our peril. We have come to not only fear and submit to the beast, but we have come to love it.

As we fly millions of red, white, and blue flags, we fight back tears of love for the machine which owns us. No longer do our flags represent defiance to monarchs and dictators, but instead embody the extension of military might into foreign lands, represent the governmental safety net of free cheese and food stamps, proclaim the redistribution of private wealth, and signify the subservience to a new lord.

We, entrusted with the protection and continuation of a noble idea, must awake from a media and government propaganda-induced narcosis to take proper stock of our present situation and critically analyze the steps being taken on our behalf in the District of Columbia in order to lay the foundation of the future home of our children and our grandchildren. Each of us must also take stock of ourselves, and assess our place in this process, and what kind of world we are allowing others to leave to our descendants.

If we find ourselves complacent, ignorant, or submissive to the aims of those in power, we will deserve the regimes thrust upon us, and we will require explanations or apologies to our offspring. For the powers which “represent” us will continue to act with or without our consent. Men and women in power are a form of inertia. They continue to consolidate power and enact legislation according to their personal views of the world and according to their benefit from the government’s action until and unless they are stopped by an external force. The citizenry of our country are required to use that force, or become subject to the whims and delights of insular political ambitions.

It is no longer sufficient to complain to your family and your neighbor that government is beyond our control and that all of them are corrupt. It is no longer sufficient to remove your posterior from your sofa to choose from the lesser of two evils every two or four years. It is no longer sufficient to demand meaningless consolations from politicians who are constructing governmental programs explicity designed to remove individual liberty from the big equation.

Our leviathan nanny has matured and strengthened, and there are men and women holding the reins of power who have a belief that the beast will protect, nourish, clothe, and heal us. It matters not that the beast requires the restriction of our liberties, our choices in life, and even our freedom of thought. If we are to suckle the monster, it is not an option to reject the offer of “kindness”.

We, and our parents and grandparents, have sat quietly and allowed our overlord to grow unabated, and have swallowed every possible explanation for the necessity of governmental growth. Through incremental measures we have surrendered our independence from it, and have necessarily become more reliant and weak. If we are ever to regain our liberty and independence, it must be now. It must take place before the present administration and its fellow travelers remove the methods of resistance. We must begin utilizing the atrophied muscles of dissent and resistance before such actions become implausible through the removal of the tools of discontent: firearms, independent media, and local governmental action. All are under attack, and will fall more heavily so in the near future.

Ladies and gentlemen of America, we must protect our heritage now, or bequeath to our children an oppressive tyranny which we were too lazy and indifferent to vanquish.

God save our Republic.



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  1. JB:

    I bow to your pen sir. We must remember who we are – lest we be left to explain what we became.

    Beautifully stated, and thank you for saying it.

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