From Gitmo With Love: “We Are Terrorists To The Bone”

quilandinkOver half a million Americans gave their lives in two World Wars to protect our nation from hostile foreign forces.  Three thousand innocent Americans died on 911. Today, their murderers have a bit to say to America that America would do well to hear.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the master mind of 911 and four compatriot prisoners at Gitmo, have just released a statement chronicled on CNN that declares their actions on the “blessed 911 day” entitle them to “badges of honor”.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed goes on to declare to America:

“Your end is very near and your fall will be just as the fall of the towers on the blessed 911 day”

Finally, he states what should be obvious even to the most ardent liberal simpleton:

“We are terrorists to the bone”

Meanwhile, back on the hill in Washington, we can only assume that the new Sheriff in town, Eric Holder, has unpacked his briefcase from his recent trip to Gitmo, and in between writing speeches where he declares Americans to be “Cowards” and working on new gun control legislation to neuter the Second Amendment, he is also working on facilitating Obama’s plans to bring these gentlemen to America and grant them Constitutional rights in our courts of law.

Which somewhat makes one ponder: Sir, are you truly worthy of that badge? Do the words “serve and protect” ring a bell?

Speaking of protecting: Mr. Holder, can you in good conscience ignore the deaths of over half a million Americans who gave their lives for the protection of our nation,  and 3,000 innocents whose only crime was going to work on the morning of 911? 

And if you must bring them here, can you please build them a tent city in YOUR neighborhood? Congressman Murtha (D-PA), thus far the only legislator willing to allow them in his state, can’t be trusted to properly contain them.

But before you rescue these “victims” from the “heinous” Gitmo, whose environs far surpass any treatment they would recieve in one of their own prisons, let me just remind you of something.

Over twenty five thousand Americans also gave their lives in a quaint little war known historically as “The American Revolution”.  They did so in order to install a document known as the “Constitution” – which was written in the blood of our patriots to protect OUR Constitutional rights – not the rights of our enemies.

And while your soaring rhetoric on “torture” is noted, and your compassion for those who wish to see us destroyed is almost touching, the truth is, not one of these individuals is worthy of the blood our soldiers have shed to install the protections OUR people are entitled too. Not one of them. Much less all of them.

And so from here, your badge appears tarnished and your supposedly good intentions misplaced. And by the way,  just what is it with you and your determination to assist terrorists? There you were at your confirmation hearing, lamenting your past mistakes for aiding and abetting “other” terrorists.  My goodness. Such fleeting repentance onboard.

And since your President is also determined to defend and protect our enemies while castrating our national defense and GI Joe, I would like for you and he to know:

When you bring these people here to our country, or when we face another terror attack because the two of you have utterly mauled our successful security measures, the blood of innocent murdered Americans, in numbers yet untold, will be upon your hands, and your hands alone.

So, before you aid and abet these unrepentant “terrorists to the bone”, I want you to understand that you are in opposition to over half a million dead Americans who gave their lives to insure that our citizenry was protected from our enemies. 

Their voices now are silenced by their sacrifice, as are the voices of the 3,000 TRUE victims these men murdered on 911. 

We’ve heard yet again from Al Qaeda today Mr. Holder.  Sadly, its the voices you don’t seem to hear that deserve to be heard.  How many more voices will be silenced by your folly?




  1. Why do the political elite believe these people when they say they’re being abused, but not when they say they’re “terrorists to the bone” and they will destroy us? The evidence of the former is shaky at best and the proof of the latter is in the news every day.

  2. I don’t know either my friend why they refuse to recognize the danger. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, its a duck. These people are global jihadists. They will not rest until their goal is achieved.

    It is unbelievable to me that we would bring them here and give them the same rights our ancestors fought and died for. It makes no sense at all and it is a mistake we will likely all pay the cost for.

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