Creeping Socialism? America, Gird Thy Loins


A leisurely country drive through Georgia will reveal an astounding botanical phenomena,  as whole stretches of forest, abandoned houses and cars, power poles, telephone lines, fences – anything that stands or sits still, is covered in the ever creeping Kudzu vine of Asia. 

In the semi light of dusk or early morning fog where things appear by nature somewhat eerie, the surreal view of a Kudzu encased forest can be somewhat thought provoking to say the least. 

Initially imported to the South to halt erosion, Kudzu has become a green menace which smothers the countryside it embraces.

Throughout Georgia and the southern states, at a growth rate of a foot a day, half an inch an hour, Kudzu is notoriously insidious and has been found nearly impossible to eradicate even with pesticides. It can take up to ten years to kill a Kudzu vine.  Apparently the only surefire way to rid ones property of Kudzu is too invest in enough livestock to eat it – which would be a considerable amount of livestock.  Kudzu has been called “The vine that ate the South”.  

To ignore the first sprouting of Kudzu come your way, is to surrender your property and personal environment to the indestructible and voracious Kudzu vine, which can live on concrete, and when in soil, sucks the very life’s blood of nutrients out of the ground, thereby simultaneously smothering and starving other surrounding plant life, including whole trees [read stretches of forest]. 

At a growth rate of a foot a day, Kudzu does not “creep”: It marches. 

Reminiscent of Union General Sherman’s march to the sea, Kudzu advances onward through the South: Unstoppable and as indestructible as it is destructive.  Left unchecked, no southern landscape can survive intact and healthy under it’s strangling embrace.  Had the South been able to entice the Yankees to stand still long enough, Kudzu would have carried the day and won the war without firing a shot.

Throughout the primaries, voices warned America that Obama and the far left liberal camp would bring Socialism to bare down upon our Free Republic.  Tragically, the voices that pronounced prophetic and accurate warnings were drowned out by other voices screaming “Yes we can”. 

Yes, you can. But that does not mean you should.  In fact, damn you for doing such a thing.

And so they won the election with their mantra of unspecified change and the politically ignorant mob voted a man and an administration into office who stand poised to destroy our country with unprecedented nationalization, goverment intrusion, massive spending and anti-constitutional philosophies – such as derailing the census to gain more democratic votes, anti-second amendment gun control, and a back door fairness doctrine via “diversity in ownership” of the airwaves.

And now, here we stand on the brink of financial collapse as a nation about to sit prostrate to a liberal government intent on social re-engineering even if it means bankrupting the country – and they take with our prosperity, our liberties in tow.

This past fall, in one of many gaffes, Vice President Joe Biden warned America that we would have to “Gird our Loins” if Obama was elected.  Alluding to a testing yet to come, an unnamed threat, and loyalties which would be pushed to the limit, he exhorted his compatriots to remember his words and stand by Obama even though it would seem like the wrong decision.  And so, we were told to gird our loins.

America, indeed the time has come to gird your loins. The girding of them however, should not be to submit to the advance of Socialism in our great nation. The girding of your loins should be in preparation to defend your country and your liberties from this Socialist onslaught. 

The current administration is not attempting to save America. They are attempting to keep their promise: They are attempting to “change” America. 

Obama brilliantly campaigned his way to the White House on an unspecified promise of “Change” for America.  Another individual once sought such “change” for free societies, and in fact, his desire for “change” was so intense that it was inscribed upon his tombstone though it wrought the death of millions of innocent people.

There is a cemetery in London called “Highgate”, where sits his tomb with the following inscription:

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways.  The point however is to change it.”

 Along with “Workers of the World Unite”, the above inscription was placed upon the tomb of Karl Marx, founder of Communism, by the Communist Party of Britain in 1954. 

To understand what “change” means in a Free Republic to Socialists and Communists is to understand the difference between freedom  for all and a Socialist State – wherein individual liberty is forfeited for the “good of the nation”. 

This is the “change” Socialists wish to see manifest in a free republic. This is the change we have now seen thrust upon us in the coming days ahead.

Too many Americans have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the meaning of Socialism.  Karl Marx knew and stated that Socialism was merely a transitional period from Capitalism to Communism. As did his brethren.  Vladimir Lenin, Prime Minister of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, founder of the Russian Communist Party frankly stated:

“The goal of Socialism is Communism”

The Obama administration continues to attempt to delude the American public on the Stimulus, the Omnibus Bill, and the proposed budget by seizing the opportunity of a crisis and amplifying it to make it seem neccessary for these massive spending bills – which will have little to do with stimulating the economy, but offer up an unprecedented blank check for liberals to install social programs. 

Lauding the necessity of these massive spending bills, while remaining silent on the government intrusion that will accompany them and thus downplaying the impact both to our economy and our liberties, the current administration is breaking their word on earmarks, breaking the back of the national economy, and leading us all down the thorny trail to a deprivation of liberty and financial ruin the likes of which our founding fathers would recognize as grounds for independence from a government so contrary to the best interests of the people.

Obama wooed this nation as a charlatan would woo a damsel in distress, but he is no hero and the distress America will yet face will be wrought by his hand.

Our country will not be saved with such spending measures on everything from millions for tattoo removal, lobster observation in Maine, a Buffalo Bill museum in Wyoming, and funds for notoriously corrupt Acorn:  In all over 9,000 such earmarks in the Omnibus bill alone – also known as “H.R. 1105: Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009”.

It would behoove every American with loins girded, to listen to what the current Administration is saying – while watching what they do.

When one says one thing, but does another, its wise to consider the contradiction.  I’ll listen to what you say – but I’ll watch what you do. And when your actions contradict your words, I’ll know your talk was cheap. Obama has claimed he is restoring our economy – while every step he takes is a step down the path to our national ruin.

He is hell bent to enact his liberal socialist agenda and one method of insuring it’s success is to bring our people to their knees in the breadlines. The only thing his “Stimulus Bill” stimulates is poverty and further dependance on the government. Those served by the “Omnibus Bill” are those in federal government who will reap the earmarks and the salary increases. Neither of these bills serve the restoration of our economy.  They serve Obama’s agenda. Period.

Like the invasive Kudzu vine, Obama’s “Creeping Socialism” isn’t creeping at all: It is marching.   It is not halting the erosion of our economy. It will cause it to hemorrhage and bleed to death. It is not a cure all, but a plague upon our freedom – as a people soon to be broken and destitute cling sadly to what is left of their liberties. 

Without firing a shot, Obama’s creeping socialism has the potential to nullify the blood and sacrifice of our patriots who have given their lives for over 200 years on battlefields around the world to first install, and then protect, our freedom and our prosperity.

Gird thy loins America: Not to support Socialist change and destructive economics, but to oppose them.  This is the time and this is the place to halt this “change.”  America is a free republic. Do not allow her freedoms and her prosperity to become strangled by the importation of political ideals as foreign to our way of life as the imported Kudzu vine was foreign to our soil.

If we abandon our principles and sit idly by and allow Obama’s socialist vine to continue to take root and spread under the guise of “helping” our country, our great nation will become strangled in its grip as surely as an abandoned farm in Georgia finds itself smothered and unrecognizable in the insidious grip of Kudzu.  Such a change is a death sentence to our nation as we know it. With loins girded, Americans must oppose this blueprint for ruin.

The Omnibus, H.R. 1105, has already passed in the House. The Senate is about to vote on it.  Locate the contact information for your Senator by clicking here. Call them, write them, shout it from your keyboard or from your rooftop: Halt the passing of the Omnibus bill and further attempts at massive spending and social re-engineering.  Contact your legislators and advise them you are holding them accountable for every dollar spent, for every effort by Washington to advance the Socialist liberal agenda.

Remember yourselves America: Don’t sit in silence and watch this go down without taking a stand. Fight back and oppose the destruction of our country. America does not have to face her demise at the hands of politicians with political ideals foreign and contrary to our freedom, our economy, and our best interest.

We do not have to submit to this “change”.  We can stop the destruction of our great nation. With loins girded: Yes, we can.



  1. Welcome to the “USSA.” The United Socialist States of America with Chairman Obama in command. Even Mrs. Obama knows times are tough; she’s wearing sleeveless dresses so as to save material.

  2. Beautifully done, sadly true, and iminently requiring our full attention. Thank you.

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