Obama’s Housing Project

Queen Obama announced his plan to solve the American “housing crisis”. It entails more than 75 BILLION dollars for the refinancing of homes of “responsible homeowners” (if these guys are “responsible”, what does that mean for those actually making payments on time…maybe they are irresponsible in this new Orwellian world), and for reducing the monthly payments of at least 3-4 million MORE people. Wow. That is not all. The Queen has also stated that he is adding another 200 BILLION US DOLLARS to the fraudulent and inefficient dynamic duo of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This is nothing more than several more steps toward Marxism and a massive kick in the middle-class groin.

Why should we continue to pay for our mortgages? Millions of Americans will have their loans refinanced with very favorable terms, thanks to our socialist government and our taxes. I have no doubt that many people will even have their homes provided to them completely gratis. There is simply no incentive for the average citizen to continue to pay for their houses when their taxes are being used to pay for other people’s castles.

Is there any better indication that our country is no longer a constitutional republic, but is now a tyranny, ruled by a charismatic despot with no respect for the important historical underpinnings of our great land? The “American Dream” was to work hard, save, and eventually buy a warm safe abode, with our without a white picket fence, in which to raise a family. Most hard-working industrious men were able to accomplish this goal in years past.

The dream, however, has been sullied and perverted again and again in recent decades by intrusive governmental efforts to codify this goal as a RIGHT of every American resident, legal or illegal. Does it not devalue the toil of men and women to save and buy a modest home, if others are able to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars for homes they simply cannot afford to purchase? Banks would never have approved of such lending in the past. But, legislators seeking to curry favor from minority groups have forced banks to make risky loans, and gave government guarantees to tens of thousands of unqualified borrowers. All stupid things must come to an ugly end.

If you are prone to grandiose conspiracy theories, there is none more sublime in its construction or devilish in its execution than the centralization of power taking place right now in our financial sector. It goes like this: Marxists in the Congress mandate loose lending to all potential homeowners under the guise of redressing past discrimination. Banks will no longer be able to use statistical formulae to ascertain the probability that the loans will be repaid, for these figures are obviously skewed to discriminate against people of color. The left-wing congressmen then wait for the inevitable mass default on millions of dollars of mortgages, which brings the banks to the precipice of collapse. At that moment, the saintly politicians rush in to “save” the banking system by absorbing the assets and nationalizing all financial activity, while demonizing greedy capitalists as the culprits. At this point, the central government effectively controls the means of production in our country – the literal definition of SOCIALISM.

The philosophical weakness of Marxism has always been the lack of individual incentive. IF wages are equal, regardless of skill or effort, the incentive to produce more than the weakest link is nil. Equally, if individuals are provided with money and homes for nothing, the incentive for most Americans to espouse a “Protestant work ethic” is compromised. As we suffer great pain and distress, supposedly due to falling productivity as a result of a trough in the business cycle, it is illogical to create more disincentives for higher productivity and effort. However, we all know that this economic malaise was the result of governmental meddling in financial affairs, Federal Reserve over-manipulation of the money supply, and political efforts to buy votes with our tax money. Of course, the solution to our crisis is MORE governmental control of the financial sector, more manipulation (printing) of the money supply by the Federal Reserve, and even greater attempts by politicians to buy votes with more and more and more governmental programs and give-aways.

The hard-working middle class are the suckers. We are suckers for working hard to get little, because others do no work to get the same, while the worth of everything we have toiled to attain is devalued by the government. We are suckers for saving and making mortgage payments on time, because others with no work or credit history get the same loans, and will get better terms when the government refinances those ill-advised instruments. We are suckers for believing in long-defiled core values of western civilization, for saluting a flag which has grown to represent a land which steals from its citizens to distribute to peoples of the rest of the world, for serving in the military of a country which has been hijacked by left-wing radicals promoting a rebranded form of Marxism.

Will we ever wake up and throw off the hands of tyranny? How many times will the government spit in our faces as we cry for a country which no longer exists? If we cannot understand socialism, centralization, consolidation, or nationalization, certainly we can comprehend the unfairness of working hard to pay our way while others do not. Or can we?


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