Stimulus or Voter Recruitment Package?

quilandinkWhen you get around politicians, it is always wise to keep a firm hand on your wallet. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democrats just picked ours for a trillion bucks. Even more troubling is that most of the money isn’t designated for specific things but to rather fuzzy categories such as education, transportation, and green stuff. That means that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, San Francisco), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada) and President Obama have a huge pot of money that they are now authorized to give to whatever and whoever they wish. This is a recipe for all manner of mischief.

Back in October, when the Bush administration handed over nearly another trillion to the financial sector, I at least understood the rationale. If the credit market collapsed, it would suck our entire economy down the tubes. Some kind of insurance backed by the government was necessary to keep that from happening. Not being an economist, I had to trust the experts to do the right thing. Upon reflection and a little study, I’m not sure they did. And they don’t seem too sure they did either.

If you mix in interest, in the last four months the government has spent over two trillion dollars. I shouldn’t complain, I suppose, since I understand I will be getting a tax cut of $13 a month. That should keep me ahead of the inflation that is certain to follow.

The Stimulus should have had some very clear parameters and the first gate should have been obvious. Any item that didn’t create a job in the next six months should have been set aside. That criteria, however, would have killed the entire package. Short of re-instating the draft or expanding the bureaucracy, the government doesn’s create jobs. That function belongs to the private sector, most of whom are under capitalized small businesses that have been slammed by the current recession.

Therefore, any recovery package should have been aimed where it would do the most good. Give enough money to the Small Business Administration to provide loans to viable businesses who can’t rehire laid off employees because they’re still trying to financially recover from the past six months. An emergency loan program could put a million people back to work next month and, oh by the way, the money gets paid back.

What’s the matter with giving everyone a tax holiday for two or three months. They won’t be paying anything if their business folds or they’re fired. Give them a chance to catch up.

Tighten up on illegal immigration. There are ten plus million illegals in the country. Remove them and you free up that many jobs for citizens. I know this may be too simple a concept, but it is a mathematical certainty. And, while we’re on the subject. why is the federal government giving money to states who financially support sanctuary cities, such as San Francisco and LA?

These are just a couple of quick thoughts and I have heard others that are equally good. None of these, however, are in the Stimulus package, or even being discussed. That leads me to believe that this whole exercise is a charade.

Politicians, and Democrats in particular, have learned that if they make you depend on them, you will vote for them. I’m afraid the Stimulus bill looks more like a Democrat voter recruitment package than a rapid recovery act.

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