“Presidents’ Day” – A Sick and Twisted Holiday

Today is STILL officially recognized as George Washington’s Birthday. However, since a blunder by another great (cough) leader, Richard Nixon, it is now unofficially and almost unanimously dubbed by the media, as Presidents’ Day. This has now become a day to pay homage to our subservience to our masters. It is a day to revel in our powerlessness. As the government-media propaganda machine pumps out sickly sweet pabulum of lies about those who have stolen your liberty, we sink even more deeply into a morass of financial ruin and governmental consolidation of power.

We have forgotten our fiery birth as a nation, which was forged on a revolt against a king who sought to reign in the independent nature of our ancestors. The man most honored for his duty in that first breath of liberty, was none other than General George Washington. This same humble man was eventually chosen to serve as the first President of the United States under a new constitution. He entered the office with deep humility, and sought not to aggrandize himself or to seek additional powers for the office which he held. His respect for individual liberty and fear of centralized power was never again realized by future generations, with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson.

Additionally, most Americans do not realize that Washington’s Birthday was first celebrated by citizens of our country during the famous encampment at Valley Forge. The celebration was in honor of GENERAL George Washington, and not for the first president of the United States. This fact was impressed upon Abigail Adams by Thomas Jefferson to try to salve an unintended slight to the great general’s successor. The celebration in honor of our greatest hero continued for some 183 years, but only becoming an official government holiday in 1880, until Tricky Dick decided to turn the affair into a time of paying homage to a litany of tyrants and morons who have sullied the office. We no longer gather as a nation to reinforce our belief in liberty, independence, distrust of tyrants, disdain for foreign entanglements, and hope that we can regain the ideals of Washington. Instead, we now wallow in our weakness, settle in our servility, slop around in our sycophancy, and ignore our ignorance as we suckle from the teat of Queen Obama. We are everything that Washington was not.

How apropos that C-Span released their second ranking of all of America’s past executives on this horrible holiday. There is nothing better to do on the newly revised Slave’s Day than to rate our masters as to who held the best whip. Given that we are now supposed to celebrate our slavishness instead of honoring our greatest American, it is fitting that Abraham Lincoln is the most worshipped of all Oval Office occupiers by academicians. Among C-Span’s collected crew of historians, the Great Prevaricator is ranked ahead of “The Father of His Country”, ahead of “The Sage of Monticello”, ahead of “Old Hickory”, and even ahead of other dubious characters with similar political philosophies as the academicians, such as “The Squire of Hyde Park”, “Landslide Lyndon”, and even the “The Schoolmaster of Politics”.

Dishonest Abe is revered for saving the “Union” and emancipating the slaves, but at the cost of over a half-million American lives. Mr. Lincoln instigated a sectional war in America which was avoided by his predecessor, the much maligned James Buchanan. He wrongly reasoned that the United States of America preceded any individual state, and that they had no right to secede. Additionally, he let it be known that much blood would be spilled if the unhappy Southerners continued to defy his orders. Of course we know that they did just that. Lincoln killed more Americans than any other President of the United States, or any foreign despot for that matter, before or after his reign. For this he is lauded. And he gets special praise for his inspirational speeches. His most magnificent speech, jammed down every poor elementary student’s throat, is one in which he proudly proclaims the emancipation of slaves in a FOREIGN STATE, while maintaining the privilege of slaveholders under his rule. Oh yeah, he also suspended habeas corpus, suspended civil law in the territories, and ordered many political dissidents arrested under martial law. This is our greatest leader, the embodiment of American principles?

It is not difficult to foresee a tough road back to a guaranty of individual liberty under a non-interventionist America. In a country where the academicians worship tyrants, millions of people repeatedly bleat the hypnotic chants of a Marxist, and a sycophantic press extols the merits of an all powerful centralized government, the odds of stemming the tide of authoritarianism during a government induced economic meltdown are miniscule. Doesn’t all of this put you in a celebratory mood?

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