Mustering the Calvary: The States Sovereignty Movement

quilandinkWith Obama only three weeks in office, thanks to the new 111th Congress, Americans formerly asleep at the wheel seduced by peaceful dreams of La-La Utopian “Change” are beginning to awaken. 

Those who stubbornly continue to slumber on in ignorance will no doubt be subject to a “rude awakening” when the changes are in place and the nightmare of reality jars them front and center to a full scale deprivation of liberty, the likes of which have not been enforced upon our nation since we were subject to the crown.

In less than one month, gun control, which threatens to completely destroy our Second Amendment, has not only been penned but it stands an excellent chance of coming to a successful vote as it now rests in the hands of a far left liberal Subcomittee on Crime who will not only fail to reduce it’s detrimental impact before it reaches the floor of the House but will undoubtedly support it in full measure.

Meanwhile, we are in receipt of promises from liberal legislators such as Debbie Stabenow that the Fairness Doctrine is also well on its way to becoming sponsored in the Senate as well.  And, due to his blatant efforts to violate the Constitution and subvert rightfull means and authority over the United States Census, Obama has just lost his chosen Commerce Secretary, Senator Judd Gregg, (R-NH).

As Socialists such as handpicked Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and radical far left Congressmen of the Progressive Caucus, bask in the success of November’s election results, in the span of three weeks America’s greatest threat to her freedom has come forth not from Terrorists overseas – but from within our own halls of State.

While far too many Americans are sadly oblivious to the current shift from freedom to impending tyranny, many are also painfully aware of what is occuring and searching for hope amidst this “change”. 

The harbinger of that hope appears to be the individual states themselves, as they undertake legal efforts to declare their rightful state sovereignty as prescribed by the 10th Amendment – before it is too late – before even that right is become a memory treasured, but a tangible asset forever lost. 

Present efforts on the part of the new 111th Congress to violate our fundamental liberties with proposed legislation such as H.R. 45 on gun control, the Fairness Doctrine attack on the First Amendment,  the efforts of the Obama administration to defy the Constitution and usurp the Census process, and now, the Stimulous – which will require the individual states to install social re-engineering programs as a requirement for receipt of  “federal funding” – have set many to wondering: What are we going to do in the face of this onslaught against our fundamental liberties?

As the sun begins to set on the days of both our freedom and our economic prosperity, there is a very important development on our national horizon that has received little if any media attention – but it has the potential to halt the advance of  Big Brother the Obama administation, and to preserve our Free Republic and thus, our liberty. 

In short, as a result of the yoke of trillions of dollars of debt placed upon our backs, and the backs of our descendants, and because of the all out war waged by Liberals upon our freedom as set down by the Constitution, the calvary is mustering. 

Certain legislators in certain states have wisely taken steps to muzzle our expanding federal government, which is drastically attempting “change” beneath a waxing Socialist full moon.  Before the change becomes complete and we transform from a free nation to a Socialist state, these legislators are utilizing the Constitution to halt big government under the auspices of the 9th Amendment, which protects unenumerated rights,  and the 10th Amendment, which strictly limits the power of the federal government to wielding only such power as is specified to it under the Constitution. 

More specifically, in spite of the plans of the current administration, should the effort of these legislators succeed in their respective states, the federal government will not be allowed to employ extraordinary authority within state borders. The federal government will be limited to its rightful role.  According to founding father James Madison that role is to be focused on “external objects”, such as war, peace, negotiation, and commerce.

When the federal  government seeks to implement gun control such as is contained within the pending H.R. 45 “Blair Holt’s Licensing and Firearms Act”, which attempts to declare the right of the individual States to be nullified in the matter of the Second Amendment, the federal government molests the right of individual states to govern their citizens. 

The same holds true with the Stimulus, which seeks to implement massive welfare and social re-engineering programs.  Neither effort by the federal government is Constitutional, and they are a direct usurpation of power leading to a permanent expansion of federal jurisdiction and wrongful authority over the people. 

Nationally syndicated columnist, and John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Dr. Walter E. Williams, has written an excellent article on the decline of our Constitution which addresses why the Stimulus was a mistake and how it is contrary to the role of the federal government.  To fully understand how our Constitution is being stomped upon by current legislators, read Dr. Williams excellent and very informative article titled “To Hell With Our Constitution”. You’ll find it by clicking here.

As it now stands, eight states, and before it is finished at least 20 states, are attempting to pass states sovereignty legislation.  The state of Montana has declared in their recent sovereignty legislation that they fully intend to uphold the right of their citizens to bear arms.  The state of Michigan rightfully takes issue in their bid for state sovereignty with the “Real ID Act” – an effort by the Feds to embed personal information of the citizenry in their drivers licences.  To read which states are taking action, and why, click here for an article from Worldnet Daily

You can also click here for a really informative list from Infowars that provides links to each states pending legislation.  If you need a long tall glass of freedom tonic, read the links to these states declarations. They are a much needed, and elequently stated reminder of who we are as a people, the proper role of the federal government, and they also serve as an inspiration of hope in these hazardous times as liberty is being closeted under the guise of “help” from the feds.

These two states, and the other states involved in this movement, are to be saluted and applauded for wisely taking  these steps now to protect by their legal jurisdiction as states and to insure that our intended form of government – which is that of a Free Republic – remains intact in the face of the current disregard and blatant molestation of our Constittuion as is currently being perpetrated by Congress.

The current Congress has taken, and intends to continue to take, the Constitution as a force not to be wreckoned with.  A mere quaint peace of paper to be disregarded at the whim of their majority vote.  Americans should be outraged at the “change” the Obama administration and the liberal Congress are inflicting on our nation, our descendants, and our freedoms. 

Though it was never his intention, the “change” Obama may yet secure in our nation is the awakening of Americans to their rights as a free people and the need to protect, defend, and hold onto those rights.  If any good can come of the next four years, this will likely be the silver lining in an otherwise darkening national landscape.

As our country faces bankruptcy by a Congress voted into office by the politically ignorant and the Socialist movement, and our Constitutional rights come under fire via gun control, the Fairness Doctrine and violations of our Constitutional right to privacy, those who refuse to go along with the Marxist game plan may wisely question: How shall our Constitution survive to preserve our personal liberties if they succeed in their efforts?

The answer is likely resounding in the current hoofbeats of the mustering state calvary.  Wish them Godspeed, abundant success, and unlimited support. Let us hope that all of our states take the same steps to declare their rightful sovereignty. 

The justified demand by our states for the right to exercise their lawful authority may be our only hope – as others, who seek to usurp their alloted portion of governance, continue to overstep their Constitutional boundaries and march rough shod to the brazen tune of indifference upon our fundamental liberties.

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