Guns for Roses in South Carolina

It appears South Carolina has now joined in with several other states/ cities in convincing otherwise sane Americans to give up their safety for mere pennies. They offered, and many accepted, a rose and a gift card for guns. A handgun got you a rose and a $100.00 gift card. Long guns were only worthy of a rose and $50.00, though. And, no, the offer didn’t include any amnesty. All weapons will be researched to see if they have been reported stolen and will be checked bailistically to determine if they have been used in any crime where ballistic material was recovered. Seems there are a lot of individuals more than willing to give up their weapons for a token of their value while, at the same time, risking prison if they have ever bought a gun from a private seller and that seller sold a stolen gun or one that was used in a crime. You can read the article at this link:

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would any American Citizen be so willing to give up their rights, their safety and their weapons? Is it just due to the hype of having safer streets? We know the opposite is true; when we are disarmed the criminals will be much safer during their criminal acts; not us. Without a means of defending our selves and our families criminals will become bolder because they know they are safe, we can’t shoot back. They would then be free to do whatever they please to whoever they desire because when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

Just a thought here: Maybe what needs to happen is whenever we hear of these type actions by states/ counties/ cities we should set up our own buy-back program and offer just a little more, in cash, for those same weapons. I think I will check into the legalities of this as an option, just in case my hometown ever offers such a pittance for weapons in the future.


Remember this always; My Second Amendment protected firearm defends your First Amendment right to tell me I don’t need one. When my rights fall yours will surely follow.


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