Obama – Country Organizer

quilandinkAs President Obama takes office we can get a hint of the direction he intends to go by his appointments. His defense and foreign policy teams are generally seasoned professionals. Gates at the Department of Defense is a Bush holdover. Hillary is a poor choice for Secretary of State, but unlikely to do much harm.

Leon Panetta, Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, seems to be an odd selection for CIA chief until you realize that liberals, and particularly the hard left where Obama cut his teeth, see the CIA (and the FBI) as dangerous and would prefer them to be quietly neutered. Panetta is an able administrator who will play it strictly by the book.

President Obama’s economic team, most Clinton retreads, are equally professional and can be expected to provide competent leadership as America begins to pull out of its recent crisis.

In short, President Obama has anchored his defense, foreign policy, and economic teams with experienced cadres that he can rely on for sound advice. Since Obama has zero background and probably not much interest in any of these arenas, they are going to be left substantially on their own.

The focus of the Obama administration is going to be on social engineering, framed around what he now calls “infrastructure.” To this end, he has selected a number of hard left appointment to the service posts. Of particular concern are his environmental and justice choices and his stated energy goals.

Carol Browner was Clinton’s EPA chief during a period when the EPA was used to bludgeon business with all manner of nonsensical regulation purportedly in support of a cleaner environment. As Obama’s environmental czarina she can be expected to initiate even more destructive policies to stem the nebulous threat of global warming.

Eric Holder is an anti-gun nut who served in the Justice Department under Clinton and he is the guy who waved through the eye-brow raising pardons given by Mr. Clinton to Mark Rich and the FALN terrorists. He is also the author of the national civilian corps concept that Obama has latched onto. As the US Attorney General, he is in position to do some serious damage.

President Obama has already signaled his attack on the coal industry, which he apparently intends to eliminate. The EPA gives him a marvelous weapon to do just that. Drilling for new oil and increasing our nuclear capacity are non-starters. At the same time, the Energy Department is likely to become Santa’s bag of joy as it subsidizes a myriad of sparkling new green companies in a utopian Oz.

In addition, the Departments of the Interior, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Education, and Transportation will be given opportunities to get into endless mischief with President Obama’s blessings.

President Obama has graduated from community organizer to country organizer. It is a very dangerous path for a nation that was originally organized on the principle of individual freedom rather than group entitlement. I, for one, do not wish him success.

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