Finding Hope in an Obama Nation

quilandink1Five days have passed since the coronation of BHO.  The stock market continues to be unstable, showing few signs of upward mobility.  American businesses and banks continue to lose money, beg for federal intervention, and pack escape parachutes.  The housing market is still in free fall.  American citizens are still losing jobs.  The war in Iraq continues unabated with no end-game strategy.  Fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan shows no sigs of a successful breakthrough.  Jews and Palestinians still hate each other.  This is the messiah prophesied by the sheeple?


But, to be fair, we knew nothing would change for the better.  We knew that the only changes would be for the perverse:  more abortions, more homosexual marriages, more taxes, more bailouts, more printing of worthless fiat money, more governmental regulation, more government agencies, more political correctness, more racism, more social engineering, and more leaching of sovereignty to international organizations.  But, how long will it take for the hypnotized masses to understand that they were duped?  There are signs that this may be the shortest honeymoon since Britney Spears got drunk and flew to Vegas.


This emperor has no clothes.  He has stumbled from a bumbling and bloated inauguration to the appointment of crooked and clueless cabinet members, to executive orders which pacify pacifists and excite extremists, to support for a stimulus package which everyone knows will only stimulate discontent and plant the seed for future tax hikes and inflation.  Have we ever witnessed a new executive who showed less charisma, less confidence, less leadership, or less desire in our lifetime?  He makes Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton look like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


The beautiful shining silver lining around the clueless inept dark cloud is the fact that Americans are justifiably worried about the future and will, therefore, be much more cynical about gulping down the full measure of socialist kool-aid served to them by a less and less charismatic charlatan and his merry band of morons.  The magnitude of the ignorance and confusion is so large that it creates a window of opportunity for traditional, small government, pro-liberty conservatism.  How is that?


Much like the failure of LBJ, Nixon, and Carter provided fertile ground for a return to the rhetorical conservatism of Reagan, and much like Clinton’s eight years of lurid and clumsy mishandling of all aspects of foreign and domestic policy aided the rise of counter-revolutionary radio-fueled rebellion, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Axis of Ignorance will till the soil for a rediscovery of our historical and natural conservative roots.


Seizing this opportunity will not be easy and we must be wary of false prophets and political hacks.  While the likes of Limbaugh, Gingrich, and scores of stale GOP figure-heads will sound the trumpet to rally troops to a reformed neo-conservatism or a reconditioned compassionate conservatism, the true philosophical descendants of the Sons of Liberty must reject any deviation from a principled, logical, and traditional decentralized and liberty-based approach to governmental reform.  These magical points in time are rare and must not be wasted on snake-oil salesmen.


The seeds of an anti-taxation, anti-governmental growth, anti-regulation, and anti-interventionist movement are waiting to be watered and nurtured by a strong and principled defense of the Constitution and a proactive resistance to the left-wing Axis of Ignorance.  We must suffer the slings and arrows of mainstream media manipulation, absorb the inevitable mathematical defeats in DC bean-counting, and preserve internal dissension to carry the message to Middle America, the great strong-hold of traditional values in our republic.  While these very folks were battered and bruised by the maniacal machinations of Bush and neoconservative cabal, they still yearn for the true American Renaissance promised to them many times by the GOP, before they were then bashed on the rocks of bipartisanship and political triangulation.


In spite of mass hysteria on both coasts and leg-tingling media euphoria, the American republic remains cynical and uneasy about our present economic situation and the dangers of the proposed radical measures to heal our financial woes.  This is the time for a principled and unwavering stand for smaller government and sound free market economics.  We must reject the socialist plans of Obama, and the return to the failed Keynesian economics of FDR.  Do we have the heart for such a fight?  We may have little choice, as the failure to engage this battle at this time could prove the last chance to do so for many years.


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