H.R. 45 & Congressman Bobby Rush: Assaulting Freedom With New Gun Control Law

quilandinkOn January 6th, 2009, House Rep. Bobby Rush (Democrat-Illinois), wasted no time out of the gate when the 111th Congress convened.  Faster than a speeding bullet, he submitted H.R. 45 as proposed law, probably the most anti-second amendment legislation since the Brady Bill, and in fact, it is not merely an enhancement to the Brady Bill, it removes all former barriers to destruction of the 2nd Amendment as we know it.

Bobby Rush, the Congressional sponsor of  H.R. 45, is known of late for his flip flopping on the Blagojevich scandal.  Following the arrest of Blagojevich, Bobby Rush was initially firmly opposed to any potential senate pick from Blagojevich, and stated emphatically from capital hill that no senate pick from Blagojevich would be fit or acceptable – unless it was an African American.  Some of us don’t see what “race” has to do with appointing a Senator.   Bobby Rush, on the other hand, is an avowed crusader for African-American “rights”, and does indeed feel the senate seat should be based upon race.  But the fact that Bobby Rush is extremely biased toward the black agenda, is certainly not news.  His latest effort at Gun Control, however, is very alarming news.

When one reviews the biography of Bobby Rush, two scenes leap from the pages of his personal life that may well explain his zeal to undermine the right of the people to bear arms, under the protection of the second amendment.

Bobby first enters the public arena as the Co-founder of the Illinois Black Panther Party in Chicago, where he later rose through Chicago politics to currently represent the First District of Chicago in the United States Congress.  Bobby went AWOL from the Army in 1968, co-founded the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther party in Chicago, and was once known as their “Minister of Defense”.  In 1969, he served 6 months incarceration for an illegal weapons charge.

He is a current member of the radical Progressive Caucus, endorsed by the largest socialist organization in the United States, the “Democratic Socialists of America”, and he is currently a Democratic member of Congress, representing roughly half of Chicago’s gang infested south side.  Also within Bobby Rush’s district, we find the national headquarters for Nation of Islam, led by extremist hate monger, Louis Farrakhan.  Bobby’s district is frought with inner city crime, and thus, inner city tragedy. Click here for bio on Bobby Rush.

Congressman Bobby Rush’s son, Huey Rich, was murdered in 1999 when he was fatally shot and killed in the street on the south side of Chicago.  One of the suspects accused of Huey’s murder alleged a hit was made on Huey because he had been paid $100,000 to procure drugs and failed to deliver.  There is evidence that the attack was not random, such as the ransacking of Huey’s apartment.  In 2002, during the trial against the murderers of Huey Rich, Congressman Bobby Rush’s nephew, 17 year old Dennis Rush, was arrested and charged with murder and attempted armed robbery when he allegedly shot and killed Anthony Reed, again, in crime infested Chicago. For the story of the ongoing tragic violence in Bobby Rush’s personal life, click here and here.

It is not the fact that Bobby Rush was once a Black Panther, an armed militant, that should alarm us overly much. Nor can we offer less than our sympathies for the senseless loss of his son, and the tragedies that crime has laid on the Rush doorstep. These are not reasons to be alarmed.  Rather it is Bobby Rush’s latest attempt to inact gun control laws that totally defy the Constitution and stigmatize law abiding citizens as quasi-criminals without  ever having been arrested or convicted of a crime, that should cause bells to sound a five alarm fire.  Both our freedom, and our privacy, go up in smoke under H.R. 45.

Bobby has made no secret that he wishes handguns to be banned, and as of 1999, he had already sponsored or co-sponsored, 31 anti-second amendment bills.  His latest endeavor, H.R. 45, is perhaps one of the most ominous of Bobby’s efforts, if not the worst.

Congressman Rush’s current bill, submitted on January 6th, 2009 as H.R. 45, also known as “The Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009”, takes “gun control” to a whole new level, as it seeks to make law the federal monitoring of gun owners and the licensing of guns soley under federal jurisdiction enforced by the Attorney General.  Under H.R. 45, not only must all firearms previously immune be licensed and registered, all firearms currently registered will need to be re-registered under the stricter criteria of H.R. 45, and only sellers of firearms approved and monitored by the federal government will be permitted to sell perfectly legal weapons. See section 101 of H.R. 45 for licensing requirements.

Section 2.b of H.R. 45 provides, in one fell swoop, the authority of the federal government to supersede the individual States on the matter of gun control and declares that gun control is to be left to the federal government because the States are in need of federal supervision in this regard. It further states that the citizens stand in need of education (as dictated by this legislation). 

The stated “purpose” of H.R. 45 as set down in section 2.c, is to: 1. Protect the public from criminals and youth. 2. To educate the public (again, via educational requirements set down by this law), and 3, to restrict availability of illegal weapons to criminals, youth, and “other persons”  deemed not eligable for gun ownership by the federal government.

The process for legal ownership of a gun is outlined in section 102 on application for license requirements.  It requires law abiding citizens to submit an application for a firearm license for the approval of the Attorney General.  In applying for the firearm license, citizens must provide a photograph, fingerprints, and a copy of the completed application for firearm license is to be sent to the Attorney General within 48 hours of applying for the license.

Other requirements for a firearm license include completing a firearms examination on safety, the legal requirement of reporting to the federal government of any personal moves, and “any other subject the Attorney General deems appropriate”.  Under H.R. 45, lawful citizens will be required to report to the federal government via the Attorney General, if they make an effort or intend to purchase a firearm, or if they should change their residence after purchasing a firearm.  Under H.R. 45, startling broad powers are extended to the Attorney General – in both monitoring legal gun owners and determining their eligibility to own a firearm. 

Should current confirmation hearings confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General, under H.R. 45, it will be Eric Holder who is first granted this sweeping new power.  When one considers that Eric Holder is extremely anti-Second Amendment, and does not believe the people have the right to bear arms, this is but another very alarming aspect of H.R. 45.

Citizens who support the Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment, should make every effort to oppose H.R. 45, “The Blair Holt’s Firearm Sale and Licensing Act”.  This bill is only now being introduced into the house to be made law if not defeated.  Follow the pending progress of this bill by tracking it. Note the sure to be upcoming co-sponsors – many may represent your individual state.  Contact your legislator, and tell him you oppose such governmental intrusion and questionable legality as is embodied in H.R. 45. You can read the full text of the bill, including summaries stated above, and track the bill as it progesses by clicking here.

The law as would be set down by H.R. 45 is in no way supported by the Constitution.  It is an effort by a former Black Panther turned Congressman who lost his son to inner city violence in his own community to penalize everyone but the true perpetrators of crime, and illegal weapons activity.  While Mr. Rush may personally be all too familiar with the methods of criminal elements on the street, and the tragedy left in their wake, it is clear he has failed to exercise discernment and has utterly blurred the very substantial line between gangsters and citizens.

H.R. 45 is a direct challenge to the right of citizens to lawfully bear arms without significant government intrusion and supervision on an unprecidented level.  It severely jeopardizes the privacy of law abiding citizens by placing them under unjustified federal supervision, butressed by criminal penalties, for failing to report perfectly legal movements and activities, and it creates an alarming federal registry of every citizen who has chosen to exercise their Second Amendment right.  This violation of privacy leads only to further unjust results, by treating citizens who purchase a gun the same as the criminal justice system treats individuals arrested and convicted of a crime in a court of law.

In America today, under our criminal justice system, the only citizens forced to be photographed and fingerprinted are individuals under arrest.  The only citizens forced to report to the government their every move, are individuals convicted of a crime, and placed on probation, or parole, following release from prison. Even these persons are usually not required to report to the federal government, as they are under state jurisdiction, not federal.

The idea that law abiding citizens, neither arrested nor convicted of any crime, should be forced to be fingerprinted, have a mug shot taken, and report to the Attorney General their every move, is repugnant.  If it is applied, it will give law abiding citizens the first taste of being treated as a criminal for nothing more than exercising their Constitutional rights. 

Congressman Rush has earned our sympathies, but this does not entitle him to infringe upon our rights, including the right to privacy.  The solution to inner city violence is to crack down on inner city violence at the state, and local level – not to pass national legislation penalizing law abiding citizens.  There is not Constitutional nor legal precident setting down punishment for the innocent  and restricting their Constitutional rights based upon the crimes of the guilty.  Crack down on your inner city in Chicago, Mr. Rush.  There is no need to place law abiding citizens under direct supervision of the Attorney General.

The Federal Government was not created to supervise or watchdog the citizenry.  On the contrary, it is the citizenry,  to whom the government is accountable to, not the other way around.  There is no justification for forcing law abiding citizens to submit a mug shot, fingerprints, and face criminal penalties for failure to continuously inform the Attorney General of the exercise of their liberty and their personal movements.

Americans should be free to exercise their Constitutional rights without being treated as citizens who have violated the law in need of legal supervision.  There is no justification for assaulting the freedom of law abiding citizens in an effort to muzzle the criminal element of society.  In  so doing, H.R. 45 strikes a double blow to “Liberty and Justice for all”.  It perverts justice by penalizing the innocent, and it severely erodes a bedrock principle of our fundamental liberty.


Update: Since the time of this writing, on 02-09-2009, H.R. 45 has seen a significant update that will greatly aid in its passing.  This bill will now undoubtedly progress through committee and come to a vote.  To read our current update on H.R. 45, click here.



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  2. I’m a life member of the NRA, need I say more about what I personally think of these liberals who are such a pain in the a–!!! Sincerely W Alan Hall

  3. Molon Labe – I will not register my weapons with your socialist state, but I will give the ammo to you, several volleys at a time!

    Why do the biggest pieces of excrement seem to originate from Illinois?
    Not to disparage people from that fine state, but sheesh!

  4. This scheme is directly contrary to the 2d Amendment, and does not suprise me one iota as we move closer and closer to a socialist state. The communist party did the same thing as have other socialist and facist governments: deny the right of the people to own firearms and take them away whenever and wherever possible, as governments like that are fearful of an armed populace!

  5. I will ALWAYS carry a gun. Our congressmen and women need to stand up to this action. If more people had guns others would be more carefull before pulling theirs.

  6. More people need to know the Bobby Rush Plan

  7. As I read that bill it will also prevent us from teaching gun safety to our children as it prohibits any firearm and its ammunition from being in the same “premises” as anyone under the age of 18. A gun or shooting range as well as many other locations qualify as “premises”.

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  10. Can people say “RECALL”? We all need to get together, nationwide and call the skumbags out, vote them out and recall them! NOW!

  11. Who does this racist bigot think he is. I’m so sick of all these stupid ass liberals fucking our country up more and more each day I could scream. The U.S. will be so far gone by 2012 recovery will be impossible.

    P.S. Want my guns, come try and get them!

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  13. Why are we surprised? It all starts from the top with our socialist president from Chicago and all the other scum oozing out of there. Wake up America! I don’t think we can ever recover from the first 6 months of this crooked administration. God help us!

    Time to take our guns and go John Gault!

  14. Bobby Rush spent six months in jail on,guess what, WEAPONS CHARGES! I was born and raised in Illinois. You can bet your ass I don’t live there now. What a jive ass hypocrite!

  15. P.S., he also co-founded the Black Panthers in Illinois. The for-runner of the Obama S.S.

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