On Eric Holder: Hold It Right There

quilandinkThe current controversy which surrounds Eric Holder’s nomination may be viewed by many as partisan, and it may in fact be so.  Were I a Democrat however, I would not be so quick to condemn Republicans for rightfully pointing to the obvious flaws  in this nomination.  Partsianship aside, the record speaks for itself.  And the record does not speak well of Eric Holder – as a Democrat, a lawman, nor a proctorate of the United States Constitution – which is the role of such esteemed appointees.

Eric Holder is reknown for his alarming anti-second amendment views, and his stunningly successful efforts to gain a pardon for Mark Rich – thereby bypassing normal legal procedures, and appearing to cater to financing by Rich’s wife for the Clinton Library.  Mark Rich, reknown for arms deals with Iran, and tax evasion, hardly could be construed as a victim of injustice deserving of Presidential pardon.

Nevertheless, this did not hinder Eric Holder from wielding his power as Assistant Attorney General under the Clinton Administration, via circumventing normal Due Process on behalf of Mr. Rich, and obtaining a pardon from Clinton as he exited the White House – thereby paying in full, any debt accrued by the Clinton administration for Mrs. Richs’ ample funding of their library. 

In like fashion, once more with considerable stakes on the table for the Clintons, Eric Holder chose to commute the prison sentences of  16 Puerto Rican FALN terrorists against the protests of his contemporary prosecutors – who stated such action on Holder’s behalf would severely jeopardize current pending prosecution of additional terrorists, and prevent apprehension of more of their Confederates. 

It has further been reported, that in his zeal to accomplish said pardon for FALN terrorists, that he ordered a report arguing against clemency for the FALN felons to be revised by a subordinate.  In the end, his unexplained zeal to commute sentences for terrorists successfully convicted of conspiracy of bank robbery, bombings, and sedition, succeeded. It has been speculated that this extraordinary effort on behalf of Eric Holder came about once more, on behalf of the Clinton dynasty. 

Hillary Clinton, seeking to placate the very substantial Puerto Rican voting block in her bid for a New York senate seat, was the only one who stood to benefit from the pardon of said FALN terrorists, and the efforts of the Clinton administrations lawman, Eric Holder, certainly insured that she would succeed in obtaining said votes.

Recognizing the lay of the land in Chicago underworld politics, it is hardly suprising to note that both scandals involving Eric Holder revolve around favors – for money or votes.  Had Marc Rich, a fugitive fleeing prosecution on the FBI’s most wanted list, and the FALN terrorists, convicted criminals, been left under normal judicial process, they would never have gained the assistance of an attorney general, and thus, been allowed to circumvent justice via an unwarranted presidential pardon.  As both pardons were significantly beneficial to the Clinton administration in both funds and votes, it is not hard to see why the efforts of Eric Holder not only raise eyebrows, but rightfully call into question, his ethics, his judgement, and his motives, as one of the highest ranking lawmen of the land, charged with the safeguarding of our national security, and the application of justice our courts were created to both secure, and maintain.

And while Eric Holder states in his current confirmation hearings, that he now laments his role in these past endeavors, it is highly questionable if regret will  be sufficient to carry the day in the eyes of many Americans.  It is not unreasonable to question if Eric Holder regrets his decisions due to the very nature of them, or whether he regrets them because they have returned to haunt his current ambitions as Attorney General under the Obama Administration.  What is at issue before the bar, is what inspired this new found epiphany?  A sudden arrival of previously abscent ethics?  Or the sudden potential appointment offered by the Obama administration?

For complete background on Holder’s efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment, and his efforts in both of the above pardons as previously noted in these pages click here.  For additional information from the Chicago Tribune, click here.

We cannot close our analysis of Holder as potential Attorney General without addressing the very alarming reality that he does not believe the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms applies to the people, and he has taken legislative steps to insure that indeed, it does not.  Eric Holder seems of late to give lip service to this right – under scrutiny of confirmation hearings.  Are we to trust another “instant epiphany” on the part of Mr. Holder, or are we to take note of a recorded history of anti-second amendment efforts, and stated personal beliefs, from his pen, his voting record, and his now wavering lips?

Let the reader decide the validity of Mr. Holder’s recent about face:  On both his inexplicable pardons of convicted felons for financial gain, and votes for the Clinton administration, and his previously perverted views of the 2nd Amendment – as secured for us in blood and treasure by our patriots, and as set down as law of  the land by our founding fathers.

Hold it right there Mr. Holder: Why the sudden epiphanies, and with all we stand to lose, how dare we trust their true inspirations?



  1. A very complete and insightful analysis! Well done!

  2. Thank you! From the time Holder was nominated, it was obvious we were in trouble – he will enforce the new administrations anti-2nd amendment philosophy, no question about it. It is his personal philosophy as well, and now he will have the power to make it happen. Alot of anti-gun laws sponsored under “crime prevention”, are left to the review of the Attorney General. If he should be confirmed, they will come straight to his desk for analysis of merit. No question, he will endorse every one of them and recommend them as Attorney General.

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