A Perfect Storm of Change

quilandinkPatrick J. Buchanan called conservatives to arms in a rousing and controversial speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas. The conservative firebrand’s speech was dubbed the “culture war” speech, because he energetically ostracized liberals supporting Bill Clinton’s party’s hopes and plans to implement a radical social agenda. Unfortunately, there was no similar torch-bearer for traditional conservatives at the most recent fete of the Grand Ole Party. Even Ron Paul, a favorite of Pat Buchanan, had to fund his own podium in the Twin Cities.

The popular mantra of the President-Elect, and a chant enjoined by the bleating masses of America’s idiocracy, is “change”. While a collective sigh of relief will be exhaled across the fruited plains of our Republic as Bush is replaced, most Americans have no clue as to the true direction of the change to come. According to the mainstream media, only radicals and alarmists should fear any change proposed by the infallible savior-elect of America. What can we, the radicals, expect in the next four years?

The short answer to this question is easy – more governmental intrusion and control in all aspects of human endeavor. The longer and more complicated answer is that we will see a continuation and increased velocity of the consolidation of federal power witnessed over the last seven decades. The latter is more complicated due to the fact that every administration since the 1920s has overseen a growth in the power and abuse of our nation’s central government. While there have been presidents, primarily and perhaps singly Ronald Reagan, who have philosophically opposed the consolidation of power, they have either acquiesced to political reality or have used the accumulation of power to political advantage. No president in living memory actually quelled our slide into a European-style socialism. The incoming government of Obama-Pelosi-Reid will fully embrace the continuation and even acceleration of the transfer of private activity to the governmental sphere.

If one examines history, and all responsible Americans should, they would see a startling parallel between America in 2008 and America during the era of the Great Depression, and the coronation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. America’s, and the world’s, economic collapse in the 1920s was blamed by most on risky and unsound private financial practices, and the followers of John Maynard Keynes mandated a strong governmental response, and encroachment over Constitutional boundaries, to steady the financial ship and to save Americans from their own stupidity. (This writer will refuse, at this point, to debate the fine points of the argument that FDR’s actions actually prolonged the economic malaise.) The result was an unconstitutional leviathan government which has never ceased growing.

Our nation is now facing another “perfect storm” for a monumental increase in federal power, and the requisite increased limitations on local governmental decision-making and individual liberties. In fact, Bush and Pelosi have given the Obama Administration a head-start in his campaign to change America. The multi-trillion dollar deals to save banks, mortgage entities, and now automobile manufacturers, are nothing more than the federal government becoming part-owners of “private” firms. While no critic is under the illusion that governmental regulations, another phrase for governmental control, of private enterprise is not already in place, these moves are those of a government transitioning from a mixed economy, the “servile state” of Hellaire Belloc, to a truce socialism in which all means of production are controlled by a centralized government. Barak Obama and his allies have no moral qualms with such a government. This is the primary change which Americans chose in November, whether they were aware of this notion or not.
Buchanan said of the social policy plans of William J. Clinton:

“…it is not the kind of change America needs. It is not the kind of change
America wants. And it is not the kind of change we can abide in a nation
we still call God’s country.”

Our present crises beg the question, is the ongoing and increasing change to a European-style socialism a change America needs? Even more so, is an Obama-styled socialism a change we can abide in our Republic, created so long ago on the ideals of limited government and individual rights?



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