The New Year, The New America: A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall

quilandinkAs we shed the year 2008 and embrace 2009, we should do so with hope, but not ignorance.  It cannot be said that the slate is wiped clean, that our troubles are over, that a new day heralds the demise of our old concerns.  When we look to the New Year, we should do so with the hope that the current crisis’ which face our nation will not only be resolved, but will be resolved in a manner that allows us to survive as a free republic.  It is extremely troubling, that current proposed solutions coming from the new administration, do not lend themselves to this hope.

As never before, Americans stand on the brink of losing not only their national identity as the nation most endowed with freedom, they stand on the brink of becoming the nation who willingly surrendered those freedoms, for the comfort of a government sponsored Socialist State. 

As the newly elected Congress prepares to be seated on January 6th, 2009, it would behoove all of us, to pay close heed to the proposed “Blitzkrieg” of new legislation promised by said incoming 111th Congress.  Many Americans are totally oblivious to proposed legislation pending in the wings, awaiting the sponsorship of this newly elected body, but Americans who fail to waken from peaceful dreams of Liberal La-La and become informed, are no more to be excused than Americans who know what they voted for, and are celebrating their success.

Our Constitutional Rights

Just a few weeks ago, in December of 2008, while the liberal media was gleefully reporting in depth, on events such as the appointment of Obama’s new cabinet – including labor secretary Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) , a representative with strong socialist and communist ties – and such wonders as Obama shirtless in Hawaii, the same liberal media utterly failed to give so much as a blip on the screen, to the dire and urgent reality that a Constitutional Convention was on the brink of being convened.

During this time of liberal ecstasy, in December, 2008, legislators from Ohio attempted to call for a Constitutional Convention and thus become the 33rd of the required 34 states necessary to achieve this disastrous proposal. Faced with protests from activists, they tabled this call until their next session convenes to reconsider it. Almost simultaneously, Senator Hanger of Virginia announced his effort to call for the Constitutional Convention at Virginia’s  2009 legislative session – presumably, the January 2009 session.  Meanwhile, during this time, Wyoming legislators desperately sought for a way to rescind their call for this perilous convention, and insofar as I know, are still making efforts to do so. One may rightfully ask: Why is Wyoming attempting to rescind their previous vote from years past for a Constitutional Convention?

Anyone who asks this and values their Constitutional rights would surely be posing such a question for no other reason, than that they are oblivious to the perils of a Constitutional Convention.  As this was recently addressed in depth within these pages, I will simply sum it up here by saying this: If current legislators succeed in gaining a vote for this convention from 2 more states, a Constitutional Convention must, and will be, convened.  This legislative accomplishment, will elevate our current Constitution from the endangered species list, to that of extinct.

A Constitutional Convention convened under Article 5 of the current Constitution, provides that should two more states agree to convene in this current proposal, they can re-write however they see fit, current Amendments to the Constitution. This includes ALL Amendments. Such as the 1st Amendment right to freedom of expression, as in print and free speech, and the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and all other Amendments embodied within our Constitution. All of which enable the American people to rightfully proclaim they are a nation which possesses the greatest expanse of liberty in the world.

And while I could lament individually the loss of the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and property rights, all of these and more, are placed in an urgent state of demise, under this proposed Constitutional Convention – which places every freedom we exercise on the executioners block.  For complete details and information on the Constitutional Convention, including it’s pending status on the near horizon, and it’s legal standing to re-write and outright destroy our current Constitution, click here

Our Economy Nationalized in the Socialist Tradition

Economists in the know, have issued dire warnings of late that our ecomony is soon doomed to utterly fail as Washington boldy Nationalizes our economy under the guise of “helping”.  And I quote:

For whatever reason, the federal government has chosen to nationalize the financial sector of the American economy. Wether the intention is to stave off economic turmoil or to simply grab more power by controling the financial system, the end result is the same. Governmental ownership and control of a public sector industry…..

By taking over the financial sector instead of allowing the free market to fix the underlying problems, the federal governmet has begun the path towards economic socialism.

End quotations from Bizcovering publication, for complete article, click here.

In an article titled “The Wholesale Destruction of the American Economy”, Chuck Saletta informs us:

“There is only one organization in the world with the power to destroy the American economy. Throughout 2008, it has waged a terrible war that has severely damaged — likely beyond quick repair — the very foundations of that economy. If left unchecked, the pain we’re feeling now will seem minor in comparison to the devastation yet to come.

And no, this brazen cabal isn’t based in radical shrines in the Middle East or the mountainous border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its headquarters is a hundred square mile plot of swampland between Virginia and Maryland. Regardless of the intent of the U.S. government’s economic interventions, the consequences of all that help are shaping up at minimum to rival the Great Depression in depth and scale. The ultimate cost may be far larger: the complete loss of our country.”

End quotation, for complete article click here.

Thus, it becomes more and more apparent, that all of this “help” from the federal government has an extremely high price tag: We are witnessing the Nationalization of our economy on an unprecedented level. Hugo Chavez would be proud.  Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, it became news that yesterday, December 31st, certain republicans are now taking steps to repudiate the recent efforts of Washington via an official Resolution.  Spearheaded by Republican National Committee Vice Chairman, James Bopp, a line is now drawn in the sand to separate true Republicans who uphold the Republican party tradition of limited government and free market, as opposed to RINO legislators: Republicans In Name Only. The following article sheds light on this new effort by James Bobb and other legislators. Quoting Fox News from yesterday:

A fissure in the Republican Party continues to grow over the controversial rescue packages supported by the Bush administration, with two dozen party officials warning that the country is moving steadily toward “socialism.” 

Republican National Committee Vice Chairman James Bopp Jr. submitted a resolution to the party Tuesday. If approved, it would put the party on record as opposing the bailouts of the financial and automotive industries. 

The resolution, signed by at least 24 of the 168 party members, argues that the financial bailout effectively nationalized the banking system. 

The statement says the rescue packages are “moving our free-market based economy another dangerous step closer toward socialism.” 

End quote, for complete news article, click here.

Our National Security: Israel vs. Hamas

It should hardly come as a surprise to anyone, that after 300 rockets were leveled at Israel during the week before Christmas, by the terrorist organization Hamas, that Israel responded in self defense to this violation of a cease fire, and blatant act of war committed by Hamas.  Israel appropriately retaliated, with the goal of destroying the military capabilities of Hamas, and will be doing the civilized free world a favor should she succeed in utterly destroying all wings of Hamas: Political, and Military. 

What “does” come as a surprise, is that any American would support Hamas in their declared Jihad and terrorist efforts to destroy both Israel, and freedom of thought and exercise of liberty, throughout the realm of enlightened nations.  While no individual with heart can be oblivious to the plight of innocent civilians in Gaza caught in the crossfire, the blame for their current plight lies firmly entrenched at the feet of Hamas, not Israel. It was Hamas, who insured their military installations were protected by human shields in the way of their own people. It was Hamas, who has launched literally thousands of rockets in the past few years alone, at Israel. It was Hamas, who violated the most recent cease fire in their ongoing effort to destroy Israel. It is the people of Gaza who elected this terrorist government that are now paying the price for Israel’s justified effort to defend herself.

So  while the death of Gaza citizens is painful to even the hardest of hearts, it can hardly be justified as grounds to excuse the blame that lies solely upon Hamas, and thus, condemn Israel to undeserved destruction. It is no small wonder that many Americans who support Hamas, are liberals.  Indeed, none other than Reverend Wright was found to be printing commentaries from Hamas leaders in his church bulletins at Trinity.  Hamas wholeheartedly agrees with Reverend Wright that God should Damn America. The question is, why any American would agree with either Hamas, OR Reverend Wright.

Hamas, like their brethren and brothers in arms, Al Qaeda, and The Taliban, do not merely propose the destruction of Israel. Though they recognize this is a start. Their common goal is worldwide dominion by radical Islam, including Sharia law.  And while we can sit and debate subtle differences such as Sunni vs. Shia, America is placed in jeopardy by both agendas, when proposed as a cause for Jihad under current extremist regimes. So unless you believe that your wives, daughters, and sisters, should be publically executed for refusing to wear the veil, or that your freedom should be subjected to the rule of a tyrannical religious theocracy, you are in the wrong camp if you are supporting Hamas in their endeavors against Israel, America, and the civilized world of free men.

Make no mistake: Iran and Syria both fully back Hamas, and Hamas is an intricate component in a ring of terrorist networks, which include Hezbollah, the Taliban, and Al Queada. All of which have a pervasive hate for America, and are doing their level best to wage a successful Jihad and raise the flag of radical Islam worldwide in conquest. If you do not understand this, I invite you to recall the murder of three thousand of our own citizens on OUR soil on 9/11, and the terrorist suicide bombings which happen on a worldwide basis.

The current conflict has more than a little potential to expand regionally, and thus globally. It may yet lead us into a massive war. The war will be between free and civilized nations, and tyrannical Islamic countries. The war will be between individuals who believe that criminals who murder innocent people and attempt to destroy all semblance of personal liberty in the name of “God”, are indeed criminals rather than heros, and it will be between those who believe in liberty, rather than those who would willingly submit their freedoms to the edicts of a radical religious theocracy. The war against the proposed Jihad of Hamas and their brethren, will be between freedom, and tyranny. That war is being fought in Israel today, and indeed, to some degree worldwide, including our own troops in Afghanistan. No American who does not support the Jihad, should be applauding or defending Hamas.


The coming year may yet find American’s who are ignorant of the current threat to their liberties, utterly amazed when a Constitutional Convention is convened with the power to destroy our current Constitution. The coming year will see the continued Nationalization of our economy is the tradition of Socialism.  And while many Americans fail to understand the implications of Socialism, and indeed are even willing to ignore the fact that we are rapidly going there, the truth is, we do so at the cost of our freedom, and the way of free men.  The father of Communism, Karl Marx, rightly noted, Socialism is merely a transition period from Capitalism to Communism.

The coming year, may yet find America engaged in an expanded war for her life in the Middle East – between religious theocracy nations such as Iran, dictatorships such as Syria, and the free world who opposes their Jihadist efforts. It would behoove every American to pay heed to all of the above. Charge your legislators with accountability – follow proposed legislation by your home state, and Washington – demand your Constitution and your freedoms remain intact.  Patriots through the decades first secured it for you, and then defended it. It’s up to you now, to do the same.  Protest every effort the federal government undertakes toward further nationalization of our economy.  Stop supporting and sympathizing with terrorist organizations like Hamas, and understand, that unless you are willing to adopt radical Islamic philosophies, you are in their crosshairs right along with Israel.

Bob Dylan once proclamed to many of us as empassioned youths, that the “Times Were A’ Changin”.  And so they did. The passing year of 2008 witnessed the election of a Socialist president on just such a platform of Change. Which forces me to recall another song by Dylan, and to proclaim to Americans everywhere who value their freedom:

In the year 2009, A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall.


To Discuss these issues in depth, click here to visit the Pirate’s Tavern Political Discussion Forum.

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