Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and Blagojevich: Place Your Bets





All across America every day, after meeting with their attorneys, criminals go before a judge on plea day and enter a plea of “not guilty”.  Yesterday was plea day for the Obama transition team before the American public. 

Announcing they would conduct their own internal review – which basically consisted of asking their staff to check their cell phone records, with all the ceremony one might observe from a doorman at Oz, White House attorney Greg Craig, steps from behind the curtain with a brief written report to declare everyone free of taint and stain.   What did anyone truly expect him to do? 

He is the attorney for the White House. He is not an investigator, not a prosecutor, not an independent counsel, he is their attorney.   And although it is Christmas, he is under no obligation to hand the American people or the FBI, a gift wrapped confession from anyone on the Obama team. 

So, as could only be expected, Craig declared the Obama transition team innocent based upon the Obama Team’s own internal review – which stated that none of their people had suggested or considered pay for play with Blagojevich.  It does not say that they didn’t know about it. Which is a felony in and of itself. 

It does point out that close friend and personal advisor of Obama, Dr. Eric Whitaker, was approached for information by Blagojevich’s office.  No small wonder. This is not only very telling, but very interesting.  According to Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-times, Obama and Dr. Whitaker have been extremely close friends since Harvard, and are in fact so close, that Obama highly recommended Dr. Whitaker to Tony Rezko, sleazy wabbit found all along the Obama Nation bunny trail, for a job as the Illinois Director of Health, where he never applied, but was subsequently hired for, after being approached by Rezko, and Governor Blagojevich’s staff.  You can read Lynn’s article from this past October by clicking here.  

Now all of this talk of Rezko prompts me to point to a consistent and disturbing pattern with Obama.  The “I didn’t Know” mantra which has followed him all along the campaign, has now followed him straight through the front doors of the White House – because far too many Americans were so desperate to believe in him, they swallowed every word he said, hook, line, and sinker – like hungry salmon snapping at the angler’s barbed flies, to their absolute peril and utter destruction. 

What Obama Didn’t Know

In like fashion, to the vast majority of Obama Nation Kool Aid Junkies, Craig’s plea of “not guilty” yesterday on behalf of the Obama Team, was all it took to eliminate any notion that the messiah could in fact, be anointing wannabe Sopranos like Rahm Emanuel within his own cabinet.  

This is no surprise, as these individuals are the very same folks who voted Obama into office with individuals trailing close behind him in his conga line like Reverend Wright.  After spending 20 years under the spiritual leadership of Reverend Wright as a faithful member of Trinity Church in Chicago, Obama did not know that Reverend Jeremiah Wright was printing articles from Hamas Terrorist organization leader Mousa Abu Marzook in the church bulletins at Trinity. Nor did he know that Reverend Wright would prefer that God Damn America rather than Bless her.

In spite of being intricately and repeatedly connected to Tony Rezko since 1990, Obama didn’t know anything of Rezko’s shady dealings, which are now about to land Rezko in prison.  There is no question Rezko is going to prison.  The only question is, for how long? This depends pretty much on how loudly and how well Rezko sings – the stage is being set for this concert, don’t miss it. 

Obama didn’t know that Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, who Obama campaigned for in person in Africa in the fall of 2006, was a radical muslim extremist, who would burn women and children alive, attempt heinous genocide across the land, attempt to enact Muslim Sharia law, and make Kenya a safe haven for terrorists with a non-extradiction Kenyan national policy for said terrorists.

And we would be shocked to know that Obama knew all along, that his personal mentor “Uncle Frank”, identified as Frank Marshal Davis, was a member of the old soviet Communist Party.  We’re not sure how Obama would not know this about an individual he himself claims such close association with, but we are pretty sure he would tell us he didn’t know about “Uncle Frank’s” communist connections.

Apparently, Obama didn’t know that his close friend Rhashid Khalidi, who Obama also claims was a profound inspiration in his book, was a former spokesman for Yassur Arrafat of the PLO, and an advocate for the destruction of Israel. We have to assume Obama didn’t know this, and if we learned that he did know, we would have to marvel that he would be so inspired.

And perhaps Obama didn’t know that an original mentor for the Black Panther Party, Al Mansour, helped raise the money to send Obama to college. We’d like to think he also didn’t know that Al Mansour is on video screaming that white people should have their ears and noses cut off and their insides ripped out because they deserve it, and God wants you to do it.  What we’d really like to know, is why a radical muslim extremist like Al Mansour would send a good “Christian Boy” to Harvard.

And of course, Obama didn’t know that his Kenyan Aunt was here illegally, and in spite of having been ordered to leave the country four years ago, she was not only still here, but living in public housing at the expense of Boston taxpayers.

And now we learn that Obama didn’t know that Governor Blagojevich, whom he and Rahm Emanuel both worked diligently to get elected – was a political animal of the lowest form who would become the target of one the greatest political scandals in American history, due to his corrupt ethics and criminal actions which will no doubt lead to a trial, and further revelation of circumstances that Obama “didn’t know” about.

So I don’t know about you, but here is where I am at with this: I think this is not over for Obama and Rahm Emanuel, and that we will learn more as the criminal charges against Blagojevich are brought to justice.  I also believe that we will again hear Obama declare “He did not know”.

I’m wagering here, that we haven’t heard the last of this scandal being tied to Rahm Emanuel and Obama, and that Obama will continue to feign innocence by way of ignorance, in claiming he never knew what was happening right under his nose.  History repeats itself. Besides, why stop using the same stunningly successful excuse that propelled him to the White House, when corruption, radical terrorists and hate mongers, were the wind beneath his wings all along.  He’ll keep saying he didn’t know. The question is, how long will so many continue to believe this charade?


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  1. Sadly, after all that, the American people were still nieve enough to vote for him. Not me!

  2. I agree Kathy, it is sad. I think before the next four years are over, alot of people will regret that vote.

  3. Frankly, I believe Obama when he says “I don’t/didn’t know because I think he is empty inside and totally unaware of what is going on around him. He can’t say anything that Favreau doesn’t write for him and even then he contradicts himself from day to day. We thought Bush was bad; oh boy, the ride gets bumpier now.

  4. I agree that he is lost when forced to be himself without a fancy written speech and an adoring audience at his fingertips. But I just can’t believe that he is ignorant of all of the corruption and terrorist activity in his personal background.

    Although he is arrogant, he’s not stupid. He knew everyone of the playmates in his sandbox. He’s savvy enough to climb through the ranks in an environment like dirty and brutal Chicago politics, as well as make it through Harvard – paid for by a radical muslim extremist like Al Mansour. So he isn’t stupid. He knew his aunt was living in this country illegally, just as he knew Reverend Wright hated America, and was printing commentaries from the terrorist organization, Hamas, in his church bulletins.

    Obama wanted to associate with these people, he knows the dark, very dark side, of his personal mentors and friends. He’s just smart enough not to say so. Had he been honest, and acknowleged he willingly associated with the above, and people like Rezko, his close friend who is about to go to prison, he would never have won the election. Honesty was not Obama’s ally. Yes, I agree, the next four years will be much bumpier than the outgoing circus, and likely cost more American lives abroad.

    Hopefully, our country can survive this new administration, but I am not so certain.

  5. Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?

  6. LOL Coffee Fiend, I have to agree. I was thinking the same thing about spelling his name – I kept wanting to just use Blago, but made a concentrated effort to learn to spell it out :-).

    By the way, we just opened our Pirate’s Tavern forum recently to discuss this issue, and other political issues. You and everyone else are welcome to join us there to discuss topics like this. Here is the link: http://www.politicalpirates.freeforums.org/

    Either way, thanks for the grins!

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