The Twilight’s Last Gleaming


On the eve of November the 4th, 2008, I watched the presidential election side by side with my eighty year old father in a neighborhood pub.  As the election results began to come in, our hope began to exit the scene. Somewhat like a guest who had overstayed and realized it was time to depart.  It abandoned us quietly, silently, as the laughter began to die down, as all eyes began to take in the television screen, and the stark reality set in, that American’s had willingly voted into the White House a President who would not hesitate to strip them of their Constitutional rights.  A President who not only disavowed those rights, and the sacred paper called the Constitution that they were penned upon, but a President who would indeed have the power to destroy those rights, as his far left liberal wing seized the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office.

In the end, as we drained the last of our mugs, my aged father looked at me. His face reflected both sadness and shock, and he said, “Everything I’ve fought for has just been destroyed”.   The hint of a tear in the wise, old, but still sparkling eyes, skewed my heart with sadness, and left me at a loss for words of comfort.  A lifer in the United States Army, the descendant of a long line of hearty men who had served their country faithfully in every war our nation has ever known, my eighty year old father knew what many American’s that night also knew: We were witnessing the demise of our nation as a Free Republic, and had began to birth in earnest, a solidified Socialist State.  We had just laid our sacred freedoms down on the nebulous altar of vague and unspecified “Change”.

When we arrived home, my future husband and I continued to watch the television, and silently observed the adoring crowd in Grant Park hail their new messiah.  I could not watch for long. I turned my face away, from the Twilight’s last gleaming.

For there, on that screen, the man who had beguiled millions with promises of “change”, assured each and every one, that yes indeed, he would deliver that change.  The numbers were too few to prevent that sweeping change, though nevertheless, enough of us recognized that when a Socialist in a Free Republic declares there must be “Change”, the change will necessitate the demise of that Free Republic.

And while some would call those who know too much “bitter”, “sore loser”, “racist”, and “Republican”, I can only avow that I myself am not bitter over anything, apart from watching the demise of our liberty.  Nor am I a sore loser.  I am rather appalled and outraged that so few realize exactly what we truly lost that night.  Race?  It was never an issue for me.  I abhor tyranny in all of its forms.   I never cared what color Obama was.  It was his agenda that forced me front and center to oppose his “change”.  Republican?   Yes, I suppose technically I am.  I voted as such.  But I have never been a party liner.  My allegiance is to my country, not to a political party.

And now, all of this leads me to pen this letter, to talk about what we stand to lose if this “change” succeeds within our national borders. 

The Perfect Storm

The perfect storm is brewing, though many yet do not even realize the rain bands have begun to come ashore.  We are on the path to destruction as a nation of free peoples on the verge of becoming dependants to our federal government – the same federal government, who was intended by our Founding Fathers to be our servant.  Not our master, not our nanny, not our deliverer, but our servant.

There is mass division in our country today.  Not between “the sore losers” and “the winners”.  But rather between those who recognize what we stand to lose, and those who believe that winning, means sacrificing their freedoms as a necessary means to an end. Their goal is security, to be coddled and cared for, to obtain that which they could not obtain by their own sweat and blood, but to embrace that serene façade of government sponsored security, which they could rather vote for, in lieu of the freedom which granted them the power they dared not seize for themselves. 

And so, they are willing to lay those freedoms down, to embrace the olive branch of federal government as Nanny.  Though in truth, that olive branch is no olive branch, it is an imposter, a twisted sprouting shoot, wrought with thorns, and impaling each and every one of us upon the inevitable choking vine of the loss of personal liberty.  It cultivates each and every one who embraces it into the garden of government sponsored Socialism.  The history of Socialism plainly shows, that vine, if allowed to thrive, will someday in the not too distant future, entangle even those who do NOT willingly embrace it.  And thus, for their own cosseted security, out of ignorance and indifference, our brethren, our countrymen, bequeathed unashamedly our freedoms, to an elected government who is now the greatest threat to our liberty within our national borders today.

The Black Clouds

Our Constitution Gravely Threatened

We now stand poised with a President-elect at the Helm of our country who seeks to undermine the very foundations of our freedoms by declaring the Constitution outdated, a stagnant document in need of revision.  Be alarmed; be very alarmed to learn that the same Constitution which protects your freedoms, the same Constitution your President-Elect wishes to be revised, is indeed, on the verge of being re-written.  There is a current effort to convene a Constitutional Convention.  Should this effort succeed, a delegation will be sent to Washington which will have the power to totally null and void our current Constitution, and replace it with whatever they come up with.  Should 34 states call for a Constitutional Convention, this movement will have succeeded. As it now stands, 32 states have called for the Convention, and just within the past couple of weeks, Ohio legislators spearheaded by Ohio Congressman Louis W. Blessing, met with the intention to call for said Convention, and were temporarily thwarted by concerned citizens of Ohio. This is only a temporary delay. They will be attempting to call for the Constitutional Convention again in their next legislative session.  Should they succeed, they will become the 33rd state, and only one more will be required.  Senator Hanger of Virginia announced this past  week, that he intends to also call for a Constitutional Convention in Virginia’s 2009 legislative session.  January 2009 will see a legislative session in Virginia.  For further information on the very real threat of the current call for a Constitutional Convention, and the dangers it poses to our current Constitution, see the Crow’s Nest page of our website, by clicking here   Also, for a clear understanding of what we are truly facing, see an excellent article by Chuck Baldwin, here.

Obama’s Not-So-Centrist Cabinet

This past spring, Obama raised some eyebrows when he declared while campaigning in Colorado, that we need a National Civilian Security Force that would be equal to our military.  If this does not alarm you, it should.  In light of Obama’s plan for mandatory service for our young people, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that he chose Rahm Emanuel for his White House Chief of Staff.  Rahm Emanuel was picked for a reason. He was picked because he has had a plan in accordance with Obama’s socialist agenda for a long time. Don’t be so shocked. Obama told you he was going to do this. You just refused to listen.

Under Rham Emanuel’s plan, American youth from age 18-25 will be required to enlist in the National Civilian Security Force.  Yes, there will be jumping jacks and barracks boys and girls. You can’t train at home, after all. By the way, there are plans for your middle schoolers and high school students too.  All public schools will be required to initiate the “Classroom Corps”, and failure to do so will mean no federal funding for the school.  Any student who fails to complete the community service requirements of the Classroom Corps, will be denied their high school diploma.  We get a glimpse here, of Obama’s tactics of enforcing his Social Re-engineering programs. Schools who don’t participate get no federal funding. Students who don’t participate get no High School Diploma.  As for those 18-25 who fail to commit to mandatory service in the National Civilian Security Force, I guess we will find out post January what penalty they may face.

As for me, aware that we have a national guard, a military, and a fully trainable first responder corps nationwide, in the way of Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel, and Fire Departments, I can’t help but wonder what the role of this new “National Civilian Security Force” will be in a few years. I can’t help but wonder, just who then will be penalized as a “national terrorist”? Those who fail to fulfill their mandatory service? Or those who our National Civilian Security Force is called upon to quell? My opinion would be both, under the current plan of action coming soon to your neck of the woods.

At best, for those of you who do not realize the socialist policy behind these decisions, you can look to the National Socialist Party of Germany: The Nazi Party. Who created a “youth group” known as the Jungenbund for ages 14-18 in 1922, and a “Brownshirt” squad, a civilian police force paramilitary “security squad”. All of this occurred roughly a decade prior to Hitler’s full reign of power via the Third Reich, and his embracement of a totalitarian regime.

But the roots of that totalitarian regime, began with the National Socialist Party of Germany. Also known as the Nazi Party. Who swelled their ranks by indoctrinating youth groups and Brownshirt brigades subsequently loosed upon millions down the road.

To view a video of Rahm Emanuel outlining his plan for the National Civilian Security Force in a 2006 interview, click here.

To view an article which outlines the “classroom corps” for middle school children and high school students, click here.

We are also watching closely to see if Rahm is further implicated in the scandal with Governor Blagojevich.   And now, we take a closer look at Eric Holder.

Eric Holder, Your New Attorney General

If you value your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, you should be very alarmed by this appointment. Mr. Holder absolutely opposes the idea that the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms applies to the people. Furthermore, Mr. Holder is notorious for pardoning Marc Rich, who was indicted during the Clinton Administration for 65 counts of tax evasion and arms deals with Iran. Under normal circumstances, an application for a presidential pardon goes not directly to the President, but rather to The Justice Department Office of Pardon Counsel for evaluation.  Furthermore, usually the applicant is required to have served 5 years of their sentence to be considered for a Presidential Pardon. Not so for Marc Rich, thanks to Eric Holder.  Eric Holder insured that Marc Rich’s request for pardon bypassed the Justice Department, and went straight to President Clinton – wherein, it was granted. There may well be a reason for this.  According to the source for this information, Ken Blackwell, in an article for National Review, also wrote that Marc Rich’s wife was donating $400,000 to the Clinton Library and additional money to Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign fund.  As Blackwell rightly noted:

“The pardon looked far worse than a bad idea. It looked like corruption. It looked like malfeasance in office — selling out justice for potential personal gain.”

Blackwell goes on to remind us of even worse from Eric Holder. And I quote:

“As bad as that is, the FALN pardons where worse. Sixteen terrorists of the FALN group were imprisoned for felonies involving bombs, guns, robbery, and sedition. But in 1999, Eric Holder facilitated President Clinton commuting their sentences.

“These were unrepentant terrorists. America is now at war with terror, and yet when we imprisoned over a dozen confirmed terrorists involved in bombings and other terrorist acts, the man who would be our top official against acts of terror helped convince the president of the United States to let them go.”

End quotations, Ken Blackwell “A Telling Nomination”, an article in National Review.  You’ll find it here.

We would be remiss if we failed to point straight to our very serious concerns over Mr. Holder’s views of the Constitutional right to bear arms as guaranteed to all Americans under the second amendment. According to the Second Amendment Foundation, The nomination of Eric Holder for the post of attorney general of the United States sends an “alarming signal” to gun owners…”  End quote. 

No small wonder.  Eric Holder does not believe the second amendment applies to the people.  The Founding Fathers would heartily disagree, but that’s a whole other topic.  Suffice it to say, Mr. Holder is wrong, and seeks to destroy our Constitutional right to bear arms as guaranteed under the second amendment.  It is no small wonder Obama chose Eric Holder.  Obama has consistently attempted to turn our freedom into a thing of the past, by consistently endorsing or outright voting for, anti-second amendment legislation.  Including going so far as to vote to prosecute citizens who used a gun in their home for self defense, Illinois Senate, S.B. 2165, vote 20, 3/25/04.  According to Obama, our rights are subject to the discretion of the state (typical socialist philosophy).  And I quote:

“Just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or government can’t constrain the exercise of that right” ~Barack Hussein Obama, 2008 Philadelphia primary debate .


These are some of the black clouds of the coming storm looming on our national horizon.  Here is a summary of the Perfect Storm:

We now sit as a nation whose primary banks have been nationalized.  In addition to the nationalizing of our banks, Obama has promised that soon, “help” with be forthcoming for homeowners as well.  Translated: Your federal government will soon share in the ownership of your home.  He has furthermore handpicked cabinet members who seek to destroy our Constitutional rights, and indoctrinate our children into social re-engineering programs like the “classroom corps”, and force our young adults into mandatory service in the National Civilian Security Force – which is nothing short of the nucleus of a Brownshirt Brigade.  Meanwhile, he hopes to silence all public voices of opposition on the airways, with the “Fairness Doctrine”.  And as we all know, re-distribution of wealth, a paramount aspect of Socialist philosophy, is so far at the top of his list, he thinks the Constitution should be re-written to accommodate it – and if two more states call for a Constitutional Convention, he will not only have his way on re-distribution of wealth demanded by the “new” Constitution, but our current Constitution in its entirety may well go by the wayside entirely. Leaving us with something else, but nothing remotely resembling the freedoms our ancestors fought for, bled for, and protected down through the generations.

This is what we have come too: A nation on the verge of losing any and all freedoms secured in the Constitution which is on its way to being re-written.  A nation on the verge of having its free citizenry disarmed, stripped of their Constitutional right to bear arms.  A nation who will no longer be able to hear on the airwaves, the voices of truth, protesting the violation of our fundamental liberties.  A nation who will no longer decide for themselves how to raise their children without the intervention of the “classroom corps”, and a young adult youth population pressed into involuntary “security service”. 

We are a nation soon to be battered by the catastrophic elements of the perfect Socialist Storm. We are a nation who now sits lamely in the shadows of her Twilight’s last gleaming.  Unless we awaken, and refuse to allow the loss of these liberties, we ourselves, our children, and our children’s children, will surely weep when these changes come upon us – when breaks in the aftermath of the coming perfect storm, the “change” we will behold in the “new”, Dawn’s Early Light.

“Every day brings this nation closer to a Nazi-style totalitarian abyss.  Today in America we are witnessing a repeat performance of the tragedy of 1933 when an entire nation let itself be led like a lamb to the Socialist slaughterhouse. This time, the end of freedom is inevitable unless America rises to her mission and destiny.” ~Former Hitler Youth and author, Hilmar von Campe in an article from Worldnetdaily.


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